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Hi, I’m Julia J Banks and I am your Soul Restoration Coach, Evangelist, Intercessor and Author. I use my life experiences to help women and girls. I have worked with women for more than 20 years in various capacities.

Have you ever thought about what you did as a child and see how it relates now that you are an adult? Well that’s what I did. I remember as a child trying to be there and support my mom in ways that I assist other women today.

See, I believe that it all works together for our good. Somehow or another it comes together in a way that we could not do it on our own. The abuse I experienced as a child become a hindrance to my life in various ways. I was stuck in dead in relationships, jobs, because of the lies I believed and perceived to be true. See, my soul wounds told me I was not good enough to be loved and no job would hire me because I was not pretty enough. I kept losing but I wanted to win! So I had to do something different I had to deal with the pain and seek help. It was time for me to confront the lies that was hidden beneath the pain.

These things have a way of hindering us in relationships with ourselves, it can hinder us from knowing who we really are and wound our self-esteem. How is your relationship with God? How about your relationship with a significant other? Have you experienced abuse in any form? If so that could be where the struggle is coming from. If that is the root to your challenge then this is where I come in as your Soul Restoration Coach I come alongside to help you heal and become whole so that you can be restored to who you were meant to be, before you experienced the pain. See, God had a plan for you way before what happened to you. I want to help you get back to that design. You can win but healing is necessary.One thing I know is that we all have something that can get in the way but some of us need help identifying and interrupting that pattern, and then having someone give us the push to breakthrough it, yes that is where I come in.

I am also a Motivational Speaker/ Evangelist. I am a workshop facilitator and creator. I enjoy empowering women but let me tell you, I didn’t always empower women, there were women that had to empower me. I was the one that needed someone to help me break through the years of pain that I kept tucked away. Since, I am being honest I didn’t always know the pain was there I thought I was fine. One day I took a hard look at my life and noticed patterns of what I call dysfunction. I was on this wheel that was going in circles and I didn’t know it. When it finally hit me, I realized I needed to do something different and my life has not been the same. I had soul wounds that went deep and needed healing.


As a result, today, I am a woman who understands the importance of transparency for my healing. I am awakened to my purpose and I help women to do the same.

I would love to meet with you as a coach 2 women, or come to your organization to speak or host a workshop. There are various ways we can collaborate, if you would like to connect or desire more information on who I am or what I do please fill out the form below and submit it. You can also click the button below and schedule a time so we can talk to see how I can be of service to you.

I was a wounded bird that was transformed into an eagle, not overnight, but through prayer, people and pain, he brought to a place of purpose.
— Julia J. Banks

I am the founder of She’s Awaken an Empowerment Service for women & girls. The host of Trauma Talk Tuesday, a Facebook live, where we talk about different forms of trauma and transformation. A Motivational Speaker w/Informational Sessions, I facilitate workshops and group talks. My mission is to help women and girls move from Wounded to Whole so they can Win by having healthy relationships with themselves, others and their God.

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When sleeping women awake, mountains will move
— Barbara De Souza

Let's move mountains together!


As your Soul Restoration coach

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Julia works with women of faith to heal what I call soul wounds. Those wounds that are hidden beneath the surface but show up in our behavior. Healing necessary so that can start loving & forgiving themselves. As well as build healthy relationships with themselves, God, and others, with grace intention faith and truth. Your healing process is a gift that you will then be able to give to others.

what happened to you is not your responsibility but your healing is!

Signature Messages & Workshops Include

The Persistent Prayer• Can You Hear The Cry? (Evangelist/Ministers)•

  • Wake Up, Get Up & Go! • Breaking The Silence • A Queens Mindset

(Messages & Workshops can be created and tailored to your event)

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EmpowerHer Series

A 4 part: 4 week series for women/girls who are in need of building their self-esteem and confidence. (Groups of 5 or more)


Is a workshop that helps women and girls discover who they are. I have noticed that some women do not know who they are. As a result they struggle. This workshops takes you on a journey of self-discovery. There are things you learn about yourself that you did not know. This workshop is only for those who know they do not know themselves.

Workshop Titles: Girlfriends Workshop; She is Me (Mother & Daughter); Walking in Prayer Purpose & Power

I am available for workshops, women’s events, luncheons, business events empowering women or girls.

One day I had an idea but my childhood trauma told me I was not good enough. It told me that what I endured was my fault. That lie held me back for years, then one day my soul opened up. I began to see things different. See, God had a plan all the time, He has one for me and for you. I had given up and He restored me and my dreams. I know He can do the same for you. I was afraid to dream because I didn’t want to be let down again. I knew I had to trust someone and they helped me get back to me and my dreams. You can do the same thing too!

I am now living on the other side of the lie, through grace, faith, and truth; I am doing what trauma told me I could never do.
— Julia J. Banks

Client Testimonials


A happy Coaching Client

I started my journey to recovery and complete healing a little over a month ago. I must admit, I was reluctant to use her services in time past. However, God’s timing is always right. In the midst of everything I was doing for everyone else. I somehow unknowingly forgot about myself. After signing up for life coaching sessions with Coach Banks, it was then I remembered why I forgot all about myself. Each session took me deeper into a painful truth. A truth I wished was a lie. In fact I learned the true reason why I lied so much in the past.Sad to say, my lying became my truth or at least I thought so. You see my lies stemmed from my being molested by my step father, who taught me how to lie to mom and others. Me being molested connected to a void that was already there called abandonment. Which lead to resentment and utter hatred for those I felt had what I deserved. What I deserved was to be loved by my biological parents not neglected by them. The neglect from my parents left me feeling unloved, ugly, dumb, useless and shame. The life coaching I received from coach Banks help me to realized what I went through at such a young age was NOT my fault. The guilt and the shame was in fact the residue the enemy left upon me to try and destroy me both naturally and spiritually. Today I'm stronger because I faced what was weighing me down. Today I choose to be a victor instead of a victim. Life coaching has introduced me to ME. I've learned through the tools given to me by coach Banks that I'm beautiful, lovable, resilient, anointed, witty and most importantly I matter!  Coach Banks is more than qualified to help you get to your level. The skills I’ve received from each session has a proven track record. Noting, Coach Banks tested them herself. One of the many reasons I’m comfortable with trusting her hidden scars. I highly recommend her services for those of you who are serious about beginning your healing process. Once you heal, you will recover the things that was once lost. 


A happy client